We are negotiating with neighbours not enemies

September 24, 2019

24 September 2019

Will that be the date we look back on?

The date of the Supreme Court Judgement that …

Two pig tales – why Woody is wrong and Tree is right

March 12, 2019

Food and agriculture. In my ignorance, I used to think that they were peripheral to ‘real’ wealth creation. No longer.…

Companies that work for everyone, not just the privileged few

July 14, 2016

Two weeks ago I commented that, in the UK at least, the lack of trust in business had eroded the …

The future of food and energy – investors hold the key as much as any other player 29th June 2015

June 29, 2015

A new strain of MRSA in the food chain is worrying. Guardian Sustainable Business has recently reminded us of the …