Tomorrow’s Company Annual Parliamentary Reception

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This event is taking place at the House of Parliament Tomorrow.

Once every year, Tomorrow’s Company brings together its community to reaffirm its purpose – to inspire and enable companies to be a force for good – and share its latest research and thinking. ACCA, a leading global accountancy body with its remit to advance the public interest, explores innovative solutions to address emerging issues that face accounting, business and finance.


Following the launch of our report UK Business: What’s wrong? What’s next?, our agenda has been heavily influenced by the outcomes and conclusions. The report highlights the lack of long-term investment by business and draws attention to the serious consequences for both shareholders and society of UK companies having become net savers to the tune of £100bn a year, or 7% of GDP.


This year the Parliamentary Reception will focus on this problem and the agenda which needs to be developed to tackle it. This requires the support and commitment of asset owners, asset managers and boardrooms alike. Encouragingly it is now rising up the political agenda. We will hear about these issues from both an investor’s perspective, through James Charrington, as well as the corporate perspective, through Sol Daurella.



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