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Entrusted nominated for ‘Management Book of the Year’ by the CMI

I am proud to announce that Entrusted has been nominated as the ‘Management Book of the Year’ by the Chartered …

The La-La Land of Election Promises – and why no-one talks about implementation

On the radio on Saturday UK Cabinet Minister Michael Gove was asked about his party’s promise to plant 50000 trees. …

Why Big Tech Has Become Like the Banks – the new cloud on the horizon

As I commented in a recent piece (Unicorns or Monsters) I vividly remember my  visit to Silicon Valley …

Boeing – a case study in failed stewardship

I shuddered reading the report last week of the Boeing CEOs testimony to
Congress. I heard the old, old story. …


Stewardship offers practical and entrepreneurial solutions to the shortcomings of capitalism according to new business book ‘Entrusted’


‘Entrusted – Stewardship …

Investors get fiduciary duty wrong and the climate suffers

Another investor, Natasha Landell-Mills of Sarasin and Partners, reinforces the case for better stewardship in yesterday’s FT. (Asset managers