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A role model banking could do without

A few days ago, Boris Johnson responded to the charge that he was anti business.


His defence? ‘I was …

Getting the right purpose depends on having the right ownership

The UK papers last weekend were full of the sale of Merlin, the entertainment company, to Kirkbi, who already had …

What’s in the papers in Singapore

With the Stewardship Asia Round Table behind me, I caught up with Singapore friends before heading to the airport. I

We need a better form of capitalism – and rediscovering stewardship is the key to change

‘We need a better form of capitalism, one which, while promoting competition, is there to serve and not dominate; to …

Purpose in financial services

How to get financial services companies to combine human purposes with commercial imperatives?


I’ve spent the last twenty-five years …

Uber IPO trivia and serious lessons from Volkswagen

In Monday’s Financial Times (13th May) there are two stories which, taken together, demonstrate the current failure of our capital …