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Investors get fiduciary duty wrong and the climate suffers

Another investor, Natasha Landell-Mills of Sarasin and Partners, reinforces the case for better stewardship in yesterday’s FT. (Asset managers

The future is undervalued – in democracies and in wealth creation

Climate breakdown is a violation of the rights of the unborn. In an excellent Guardian article (Bad ancestors: does

We are negotiating with neighbours not enemies

24 September 2019

Will that be the date we look back on?

The date of the Supreme Court Judgement that …

‘Shareholder vs Stakeholder’ is such a tired debate – let’s move on!

It is 12 years since the chairs and CEOs of 11 global companies from the UK, India, Continental Europe and …

If only Brazil would cut more public sector perks and less rain forest…

After such depressing reading about the Amazon in last weeks Economist it is good to read this week (10 Aug …

A role model banking could do without

A few days ago, Boris Johnson responded to the charge that he was anti business.


His defence? ‘I was …