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Fink again

Here is a question to ask your colleagues or, if you are a teacher of business, your students. Try dating …

How do we stop organisations doing stupid things?

Why do organisations do stupid things?

I asked myself this question in December when I read that NatWest Bank had …

Has Private Equity lost its way?

A recent Panorama programme described the failings of care homes under private equity (PE) ownership. BBC Social Affairs Editor Alison …

Listening is okay. Acting on what you have heard is harder

‘I would not only invite those at the top to spend their money as a resident .  I would invite

Guilty – of reshaping someone’s mind?

Remember Midas? Professor Stuart Russell did In his first BBC Reith Lecture about Artificial Intelligence last week. Midas had asked …

More foxes please

A few weeks ago, after reading ‘English Pastoral’ by James Rebanks, I commented that  

Today the language of organisations, and