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Learn from Kerala: Decentralisation is the key to delivery

The Indian state of Kerala has an impressive record for running a good education and health system. It was no …

George Goyder – practical prophet and early champion of the responsible company

This is the text of a lecture I gave at  Liverpool John Moores University on Match 11th:

George Goyder –

Making sense of what is happening in China

How do we make sense of what is happening in China? Last week was privileged to listen to four wise …

Entrusted nominated for ‘Management Book of the Year’ by the CMI

I am proud to announce that Entrusted has been nominated as the ‘Management Book of the Year’ by the Chartered …

The La-La Land of Election Promises – and why no-one talks about implementation

On the radio on Saturday UK Cabinet Minister Michael Gove was asked about his party’s promise to plant 50000 trees. …