The future is undervalued – in democracies and in wealth creation

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Climate breakdown is a violation of the rights of the unborn. In an excellent Guardian article (Bad ancestors: does the climate crisis violate the rights of those yet to be born?) Astra Taylor describes lawsuits now in the US courts in which plaintiffs not yet old enough to vote filed actions against defendants failing to take necessary action to regulate carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.


Here at last is an explicit recognition that citizens, governments and businesses alike need to apply stewardship principles. Otherwise all are violating the moral and, very soon-to- be -established legal rights of future citizens.


Astra Taylor’s article deals with what this means for democracy. Together with Ong Boon Hwee I have written Entrusted- stewardship for responsible wealth creation. Our new book deals with the parallel agenda for investors, businesses and those regulate them.


Future generations need this agenda. Yet the immediate steps are very clear and can be taken now. They represent a path to a better capitalism as well as the least we can do for our grandchildren.