Let’s back the grown ups!

I am following the party conference system and trying to identify grown up current or past front bench politicians who seem to have a responsible approach and serious ideas for government. People who strike me as having some practical experience to put behind their words.


So far I would mention Vince Cable, Keir Starmer, Ruth Davidson, Philip Hammond, Sajid Javed, Nicola Sturgeon, Jonathan Djanogly and Tom Watson


Then, less often on TV, there are the less politically prominent ones whose genuineness and wider experience qualifies them for office. Sarah Wollaston, Rory Stewart, Jo Swinson Chukka Umunna and David Lammy Gisela Stewart are people I have noticed.


Then the older statesmen like Alan Johnson Frank Field, Ken Clarke, Ian Duncan Smith, Nick Clegg and Paddy Ashdown Ed Balls, Alastair Darling and Hilary Benn


There will be many bright younger ones in the Jo Cox mound that I just don’t know about.


If we cannot agree on Brexit perhaps we will need people like this to step forward, jeopardise their party support, and find a way to work together to build some harmony and common ground.


What is so clever about always focusing on what divides us?


If you haven’t done so yet have a look at the website of More United who seem to be offering a practical way of backing serious and constructive contributors from all political sides.


We desperately need people to work together.