The coming destruction of the UK car industry

I started my business career in engineering and spent 15 years in manufacturing. I watched the huge gains in investment and jobs that came from total quality management, lean manufacturing and partnerships with Honda, Nissan and Toyota.


And now this wealth creation gem faces vandalisation by politicians like Boris Johnson who don’t know and don’t want to know how wealth gets created. This FT article spells out the costs and complications for Honda including 60,000 customs declarations, 48 hours delays that will jeopardize ‘Just-in-Time’, IT costs and the inability to plan because nobody knows what will happen.


Only a politician who doesn’t care about jobs, investment and the balance of payments would dare say ‘get with the project’.


The ‘project’ is sustainable wealth creation and full credit to BMW, Airbus and Honda for spelling out the risks to Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt and the CBI.